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A Home Away from Home
There’s something special in Cherry Hills.
Cherry Hills Village, Colo., is regularly recognized as one of the most affluent areas of the country. It’s renowned for what it offers its residents, and that includes Cherry Hills Dental Associates, a three-doctor practice located in the Denver suburb. It had been that way for years, but it was only when the practice ran into lease issues that the doctors had to decide if they wanted to stay.
“Cherry Hills is one of the wealthiest, most well respected suburbs in Denver. We bordered on Cherry Hills in the old office and we decided we didn’t want to lose that niche,” said Michael Schwab, DMD, the longest tenured of the three partners.
With that in mind, Cherry Hills Dental was on the hunt for a new home. Finding a similarly desirable location was a daunting task, but the doctors stayed confident during the search that they would find the right home. As they worked with their Patterson Dental team, they discovered it.



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“With the help of Patterson we were able to sign our lease, and develop and build our new office. It’s a little grander, a little more spacious, and, most importantly, still in Cherry Hills,” Schwab said.
A “tripod” in action
Schwab started practicing with Dr. Robert Chod more than 30 years ago. The two practiced together and Cherry Hills Dental grew over the years. Eventually, Chod retired and Schwab brought on additional associates, who grew to become partners. First, John Pfalzgraf, DDS, joined Schwab and later Bryan Gibbs, DDS, joined the duo.
“As the senior doctor, I really tried to stagger the associates,” Schwab said. “So now, we have one that’s in his 50s, one that’s in his 40s, and one that’s in his 30s. When I was young, I did the preschool patients, for instance, and then I hung on to that demographic. As they grow older, you’re able to bring a new associate on and the next one graduates into the next spot.”
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A Home Away from Home

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