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Enlist Help in Finding the Right Home for Your Practice
Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of articles focusing on important elements of the process of building, relocating or renovating a dental practice. This installment focuses on real estate selection.
It’s hard to single out one decision as more important than any other in the process of moving or renovating, but choosing where to locate your practice – even if it’s just the current location – certainly is a big one.
That’s why Patterson works closely with an industry leader, Cresa, to offer the most to Patterson customers when it comes to real estate selection. Cresa has more than 50 offices in North America, each providing tenant-focused, integrated commercial real estate services. By connecting with a real estate broker, dentists who are considering a move or renovation can be confident that their best interests are at the forefront.
Tim Carlson, a senior advisor at Cresa Minneapolis, said he and his colleagues walk dentists through the process from start to finish. They help dentists find a space, secure it, negotiate a price and more.



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“Everybody has different priorities in finding a space, and we work with them to make sure their priorities are met,” Carlson said. “Most people aren’t experts when it comes to real estate, and we understand that. We help to ensure that dentists get to be the experts on what they need and we are the experts in helping them do it right and get their space for the right price.”
According to Carlson, there are five main criteria that he and his team coach dentists on in the real estate selection process, as follows.