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Miles of Smiles
A few minutes into a conversation with Dr. Jessica Barron of Thornton, Colo., and you’ll quickly come to understand that she knew since she was little that she was going to be a dentist when she grew up.
First, she inherited her father’s good teeth and beaming smile, so dental visits were always easy and fun – a feeling she imparts in her practice today. Second, she dressed up as a dentist for Halloween when she was in fourth grade. And third, while fellow students in her dental school were going about their work, Barron was geeking out, saying, “Can you believe we get to do this? I can’t believe we get to do this!”
So it’s no surprise that Dr. Jessica, as patients call her, now owns her own family dentistry practice that contains all the things she’s been dreaming about. And it all started with the color called Sonora.
“Truthfully, design ideas for my office started with the color I chose for my logo. I wanted soothing and modern greens and grays – the same green as my logo,” Barron says. “When I walked into the Pelton & Crane showroom, I saw they had the exact shade of green I was looking for. That started everything.”



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That chair is the Pelton & Crane Model 3303 Dental Chair with Advanced Comfort Ultraleather Upholstery with Ergo Soothe and Narrow Back. A mouthful of a name to be sure, yet a name that still doesn’t reflect all that it is. (See “Beyond Comfort” on page 22 for more.) Nor does it reflect all that it does. For example, one of Barron’s clients looked at her incredulously and asked, “Wait, is this chair giving me a massage?” .
“I didn’t realize that was one of the features until my patient called it out,” says Barron. “I knew I wanted to go with Pelton & Crane because of their longstanding reputation and solid ergonomics. These chairs will impact my clients and staff eight hours a day; they have to be comfortable! And the texture of the upholstery? You could take a nap in them. But it was one of my clients who pointed out the massage feature. I thought: Wow. I just could not have picked a better chair.”
Sterilization central
Barron notes that in some practices she’s worked in, it’s hard to discern which instruments are clean or dirty. A bit scary, as today, it seems more important than ever that sterilization and cleanliness be visible to the patients. Barron felt that if she could take that one extra step to help her patients feel more confident, she would. So she chose the Midmark M11 UltraClave Sterilizer.
“It’s a beautiful piece of equipment. Why would I want to keep it behind doors?” Barron notes, adding, “My assistant is so happy. She’s never had that kind of equipment before. It’s pretty and functional, but reassuring, too.”
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Miles of Smiles

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