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A Different Dental Bridge
Del Sur Ranch Dental looks to bridge the gap between medicine and dentistry
At Del Sur Ranch Dental in San Diego, Calif., patients can expect to leave an appointment with more than clean teeth and a complimentary toothbrush. Patients leave with peace of mind and the knowledge that their overall health and well-being is a priority. That’s because the doctors and staff at Del Sur Ranch Dental are on a mission to improve the health of people in the San Diego community by the year 2020, by bridging the gap between medicine and dentistry.
Practice owner Brian Davey, DDS, and associate doctor Ryan Kay, DMD, MS, are both educated on the Bale/Doneen Method, which informs healthcare providers about necessary measures to prevent heart attacks, stroke and type 2 diabetes. A more thorough dental exam, including key health-related questions and an awareness of warning signs, helps them identify serious illnesses that other practitioners might miss.
Davey graduated with a BA in oral biology before completing his dental education at the University of California, San Francisco in 2000. Since then, he has been working to help people in the San Diego community live happier, healthier lives by providing complete health dentistry and preventive care at his original practice. His desire to open Del Sur Ranch Dental stemmed from his goal of reaching more people in Del Sur, a master-planned community in San Diego.



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“The health of your mouth is directly related to the health of your body,” said Davey. “We’re not here to do only fillings and crowns; we’re dedicated to our patients’ complete health,” he said. That’s why appointments at Del Sur Ranch involve a detailed medical exam, including blood pressure check and screening for diabetes and sleep apnea. “We want to educate patients on the oral-systemic connection, and we’re committed to their long-term health and wellness,” he said.
A lot of pieces needed to come together before the new dental practice became a reality. For starters, Davey needed an associate to help carry out the mission so he could continue working at his original practice. That’s where Patterson Territory Representative Walter Turner came in. “Brian shared his vision with me,” said Turner. “I knew the type of person he was looking for and I went to work immediately to help find that person,” he said. “When I met Dr. Ryan Kay at a CEREC Study Club event, I knew that he would be perfect. He had so much enthusiasm, and he was open to being coached, and to learning and improving.” Fortunately, when Turner introduced Kay to Davey, the two hit it off.
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A Different Dental Bridge

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