A Practice Worth Waiting ForA Practice Worth Waiting ForA Practice Worth Waiting For
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A Practice Worth Waiting For
Dr. Sandra Calleros waited years to find the perfect space for her practice
By all accounts, Dr. Sandra Calleros’ new practice in El Segundo, Calif., is unlike any other. And the formula for building a practice as unique as Calleros Dental is remarkably simple: nine parts “wait” and one part “pounce.”



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That doesn’t mean it was easy. Though she had long dreamed of a new practice, Dr. Calleros knew the space needed to be perfect. So she waited. And waited. And waited. She waited so deliberately that at times she grew frustrated and nearly settled on a space that merely sufficed. But she didn’t. She waited.
Then, when it came time to pounce, Dr. Calleros did. She pounced with everything she had and was practicing in her new facility barely three months after she signed the lease.
Patience, Then Patients
Dr. Calleros has always practiced by herself. She operated out of a few different offices but many of her 24 years practicing she’s been operating out of the 1,000-square-foot space she was in until 2011. The last few years there, though, were spent looking for her way out – both literally and figuratively.
“It was built in the ’50s,” Dr. Calleros said. “It had little cubicle rooms with one tiny doorway in and out for both the assistant and the doctor. It was stressful working in a place like that. There’s not even room to bend over. It just wasn’t fun practicing that way.”
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Four Years in the Making

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