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To adjust the initial floor plan to accommodate the treatment centers, Juliani went through a few iterations with his Patterson team, including Equipment Specialist Jeff Hopp and Territory Representative Norm Dagher. The team didn’t rest until Juliani was happy with the design.
“They were phenomenal. They put a ton of thought into it and gave suggestions we might not have thought of,” Juliani said. “As many new practices as Patterson has been a part of, there’s great experience there, and the ability to identify so many ways to optimize your practice.”
Hopp said he and the Patterson team were thrilled to be a part of the process – and they weren’t the only ones. “While we were building the practice, we actually had some of the contract workers who were so impressed they were taking pictures,” Hopp said. “People were in shock and awe. A number of the workers had done dental practice builds before and they’d never seen anything like it. It was an amazing experience.”
In addition to the treatment centers, Juliani installed Sirona by Kappler Dental Cabinetry. The cabinets were a perfect complement to the Teneo and Intego units, and Juliani said they represented a major upgrade for the practice.



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“It’s pretty amazing, the cabinets are designed for everything to be touch-free,” he said. “Water, soap dispensers, drawers, garbage – they’re all opened with a hip bump or a pressure touch. It’s as clean and infection-control oriented as possible.”
With the addition of any practice-changing technology, Juliani said, it’s easy for the doctor to get excited. Whether that’s CEREC, or the treatment centers, there’s a desire to show off the technology right away, and doctors also see an immediate boost in appearance and value. “Even better was that my staff had a full appreciation for the thought process and Sirona and the implementation of the technology,” he said. “Not just toward improving specific procedures, but toward dentistry in general. They appreciated the entire thought process that went in to allow them to be more efficient.”
Juliani said he would overwhelmingly recommend the Sirona Treatment Centers to other doctors. Not only will it provide advanced technology for practices today, but it is also agile and set up to implement changing technology in the future. That may not even be the best part.
“Dentistry has a horribly high burnout rate, without a doubt,” he said. “Something like this rejuvenates your energy to go to work and your drive to be there. It motivates me every day to get out of bed and go to work.”
Time Well Spent

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