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About the Sirona Treatment Centers
Sirona Treatment Centers come in two models – Teneo and Intego, each bringing its unique blend of integration to the operatory. When equipping his seven operatories, Juliani decided to install two Teneo units and five Intego units.
“I’ve always tried to be as advanced technologically as possible throughout my career, because there comes a point when you can only be as efficient as the technology you’re using for a specific procedure,” he said. “The treatment centers make every procedure, every day, more efficient throughout the entire office.”
The two Teneo units in Juliani’s practice are integrated fully for both implantology and endodontics – CEREC is integrated directly into the chair. In addition, CEREC is integrated in every one of the practice’s Intego operatories, which allows for just the camera to be moved from one operatory to another. (See the CEREC Omnicam configuration chart on page 7 for more detail.)
“Before we made the switch, my associate and I were fighting for CEREC time with only one mobile unit,” Juliani said. “Now we can schedule any procedure at any time and we don’t get locked into blocks based on equipment. I block my time based on how I want to use my day, not based on what other people are doing in the office or when specific equipment is available.”



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Like many dentists, Juliani traditionally arranged his schedule around larger procedures in the morning and less involved work in the afternoon. He’s discovered that the treatment centers also impact that. “It doesn’t seem as tedious to do larger procedures in the afternoon when I would have generally decided to slow down,” he said. “That’s how good the workflow is – it really provides that ease and comfort throughout the day.”
A single-entry operatory
Juliani’s original floor plan – prior to deciding to implement the treatment centers – followed the trend of contemporary American practices. It featured two entries in the rear, side cabinets and traditional operatory equipment.
The Sirona Treatment Centers changed that for him. “You really don’t need a second door for your assistant to get up and leave repeatedly for what you need for the procedure,” he said. “It’s all right there in the room. I wasn’t entirely sold on switching to a single-entry operatory, but in working with the Patterson and Sirona teams, I found that it minimized the clutter and let the treatment centers be the main focus.”
Functionally, Juliani discovered that the efficiencies built into the treatment centers made a second entry unnecessary. And because of the treatment centers, from an aesthetic standpoint, the operatories look even more modern than many dual-entry floor plans. Juliani even joked about just how modern the practice feels: “A lot of our patients feel like they’re sitting in a spaceship.”
Time Well Spent

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