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From Education to Transformation
When it comes to learning about new dental technology, nothing compares to hands-on experience and guidance from colleagues who have successfully integrated it into their practices. That’s why so many doctors are raving about CEREC® Accept, a hands-on educational event led by some of the most experienced and successful CEREC users in the world.
For two days, doctors have the opportunity to test-drive CEREC alongside master users, who share their expertise and provide support every step of the way. “The hands-on element of this event, combined with insights from their peers, gives doctors incredible insights as to how CEREC technology can be practically implemented into their dental practices,” says Patterson Dental CEREC Specialist Ryan Clery. “Attendees also get a refreshing look at dentistry as a whole, and see how this technology in particular can reinvigorate their love for dentistry or simply elevate it to a new level.”
Dr. Angela Ellis of Ellis Family Dentistry attended the Charlotte, N.C., CEREC Accept event in September 2013. She was excited to learn more about the revolutionary CAD/CAM technology, but had no intention of purchasing the system for her Chapel Hill, N.C., practice – until she got her hands on it.



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Two days, several lectures, and dozens of hands-on exercises later, Ellis was so excited about CEREC that she couldn’t wait to bring it into her practice. “Feeling the way it worked, feeling it in my hands, and using it convinced me it would be quite a good tool to use in my practice,” Ellis says.
The doctor was impressed by the “red carpet treatment” she received at the event, and the customized learning experience made possible by mentors who spent time with each participant. She also found tremendous value in hearing real stories from dentists who had been successful with CEREC in their practices. “I got so excited about it that I didn’t even call my accountant,” she said. “I just got it – and I haven’t looked back since.”
With just a year of CEREC ownership under her belt, Ellis has already cut her lab costs by nearly 50 percent. She attributes her success with the system to CEREC Accept and the ongoing training and education she has received from Patterson Dental. The first day she used the system in her office, CEREC Specialist Skip Graham and Technology Advisor Tom Carey were there to assist, plus they’ve connected her with a local mentor and additional training opportunities. “Skip and Tom are my go-to,” she says.
But for Ellis, CEREC is more than just efficiency-boosting technology – it’s been a lifesaver. After battling depression for five years following treatment of breast cancer, CEREC was just what she needed to rekindle her love of dentistry. “It’s revitalized my dental spirit,” Ellis says. “CEREC transformed me.”