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A Dentist's Dream, a City's Success
Though it's not that Manhattan, there's something special about Manhattan, Kansas. Nicknamed "The Little Apple" after its larger namesake, this Manhattan is a place where dreams come true, and Daniel M. Winter, DDS, can attest to that.



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Daniel M. Winter started his dental practice from scratch in Manhattan in 1989. As a credit to the city, Winter's practice has grown significantly over that time. He moved to a new building in 2001, and he remodeled in 2012, a moment toward which his entire career had been pointing.
"This practice I have right now, with this remodel, has been a vision of mine for 20-some years," Winter said. "It's taken that long to realize this vision. It took me a lot longer than a lot of other dentists and that adds to my pride of ownership."
Pizza and passion
Winter's Patterson territory representative, Michael Nation, invited him to a CEREC demonstration that would have a massive impact on Winter's practice. The event, held at a Manhattan pizza joint, changed his opinion on CEREC. "When I first looked at it, I felt like the technology was good but I didn't know much about it," Winter said. "By the end of that demonstration, I was pretty sure I was going to buy a CEREC."
And buy a CEREC, Winter did. The process went quickly, as did the learning curve for Winter and his staff. They never looked back. Staff members gained value in their roles, taking ownership in the digital impressioning process and gaining skill along the way. The change in Winter and his day-to-day operations at Downtown Dental Group was obvious. "I think the CEREC purchase really changed his attitude and his outlook on his practice," Nation said. "It really got him energized again. He just had an extra bounce in his step."
Winter said the same. The principles he learned early on in his dental training at the University of Colorado came rushing back to him. He felt like the CEREC let him be a dentist again. "I couldn't change and do things hands-on like I can with the CEREC," he said. "My creative rebirth in dentistry is amazing. It added so much back into dentistry. Good dentists are artists as well as scientists, and CEREC allows us to blend the best of both of those elements."
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