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Making an impact
Patients have noticed the extreme attention to detail, noting that the look is a complete departure from everything they had come to expect from a typical dental office. The color palette, the open space, the natural light. The energy. Even the smell. “Sometimes the materials we use in the office give a practice a distinct smell, but patients noticed that it just doesn’t exist here,” said Cika.
There was also a great emphasis placed on helping children develop a level of comfort with the office, even if their parents had fears about their own visit. To combat this, Cika envisioned a designated waiting area for kids, complete with television monitors, mounted iPad screens, plush chairs and toys. It’s a place where younger patients can settle in.
“Kids are just as important as adults. It all starts when we’re kids, right? If they are scared from the start, they could become a phobic patient for life,” she said. “It’s important to get children comfortable early, and that’s how we educate our patients. Even if you’re worried about your appointment, your kids don’t have to be.”



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Building community
Oasis is passionate about being motivated to impact the community, as well. As part of its Grand Opening celebration, guests were invited to bring in paper goods to donate to Lazarus House, a local charity whose mission is to help those living in poverty gain access to housing, health services and more. “Giving back to the community who is helping us grow is very important to us,” said Cika. “Through education, work preparation and other services, we can help people to break the cycle of poverty in their families.”
With well over a decade of industry success under her belt, Cika has a firm grasp of what it takes to be a good community member while providing excellent service. “You have to be positive and passionate about what you do, because the patient will see right through you if you aren’t,” she said. “Have a clear vision as to what the patient will feel from the time they put their foot through the door until the moment they leave, and then be serious about making sure it happens every time.”
Grand Plan

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