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The "WOW!" Factor
CEREC® creates a paradigm shift in Dr. Doxey Sheldon's St. Louis practice
Getting a crown used to be a laborious, boring and often-dreaded process for patients. Multiple appointments were generally required and the process wasn't very engaging.
Thanks to computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology integrated with a CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) system, placing a crown or restoration is now a fascinating – and fun – experience for patients and practitioners.



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Doxey Sheldon, DMD, is a fourth-generation Washington University Medical-Dental School, St. Louis graduate and has a six-operatory office in a suburb of St. Louis. She was so impressed by CEREC technology that she purchased her own system in early 2011. "The newer technologies have always fascinated me," said Dr. Sheldon, "but I never envisioned that life would be so much faster and easier for the patient. It's truly a paradigm shift for our office."
According to Dr. Sheldon, the most exciting outcomes of the technology are the fast and beautiful results. "These are the most gorgeous restorations that I've ever seen," she said, "and the speed is just incredible. The patients are walking out and they're still numb and presto! – they have a new crown. If they're going out of town or out of the country they don't have to worry about traveling with a temporary in their mouth."
"It really is the 'Wow!' factor," said Matthew Tomlin, a CEREC specialist at the Patterson Dental St. Louis Branch. Tomlin provides extensive assistance to dentists interested in integrating CEREC technology into their practices. "Patients can now watch the tooth or restoration being made on a computer screen right before their eyes and then walk over to the machine and see it milled out. Minutes later they're having their crowns placed and can go home."
Dr. Sheldon went on to say that patients not only get excited about being able to get a crown in one day and watch the milling process shape the crown to fit their individual tooth, they're actually raving about the phenomenon. "Most of them are taking cell phone pictures of the process!" she said.
Advertising is strictly word-of-mouth and just keeps spreading. "Patients keep calling to tell us how great their bite feels and how comfortable it is," Dr. Sheldon said. "They're thrilled to death and keep returning with their friends and family."
Dr. Sheldon is so impressed with the technology that she stated, "At this stage of my 32 years of dentistry, I will make a broad statement. I do believe CAD/CAM technology will be the state of the art and future standard of care."
"I do believe CAD/CAM technology will be the state of the art and future standard of care." – Dr. Doxey Sheldon