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A Winning Strategy
When patients walk into Dr. Fred Hansen's Houston, Texas practice, they're greeted by the courteous staff and a display of memorabilia from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Dr. Hansen literally rose to fame that year, when he won a Gold medal in pole vaulting at the Games. He credits that success to hard work and preparedness – the same qualities that have driven his more than 40-year-career serving patients in the Memorial City area of town.
Because he was such a hard worker, Dr. Hansen wasn't prepared to transition from full-time dentistry into retirement. When he received notice from his landlord that he had to move his practice, it was just the motivation Dr. Hansen needed to make his leap into the future.



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"I like to use the motto, 'Put a smile on their face, and a song in their heart.'"
– Fred Hansen, DDS
A Lifetime of Practice
Fred Hansen, DDS, has been practicing dentistry in Houston, Texas, since 1969. The Baylor College of Dentistry graduate always appreciated order and cleanliness and found a match for his personality – and manual dexterity – in dentistry.
Over the years, Dr. Hansen welcomed a number of part-time associates to his practice, though none were offered a full-time associateship. At nearly 70 years old, it was time to think about making a plan.
His loyal patient base was built on his conservative treatment approach and the ability to perform most procedures in-house without referring patients out to another doctor. "We offer crown and bridge, endodontics, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, general and preventive dentistry, and can perform oral surgeries as well," Dr. Hansen said. His career focus has been patient care rather than the latest equipment and technology or flashy office design. "I like to use the motto, 'Put a smile on their face, and a song in their heart.'"
In late summer of 2010, Memorial Hermann Hospital, Dr. Hansen's landlord of 32 years, notified tenants that they would need to relocate due to a hospital renovation project. This forced the doctor's hand, but also gave him a chance to create an attractive practice that would lead to greater retirement options.
Finding the Right Fit
Earlier in his career, Dr. Hansen had been a loyal Patterson customer. After a service experience left a bad taste in his mouth, however, he floated from one supplier to another.
A new practice would require a committed supplier, and one that Dr. Hansen could trust to deliver not only equipment but also quality service and support. He interviewed three different companies and Patterson emerged as the clear winner. "Patterson seemed to have what it takes to do it all: the organization, know how and the people to give me the type of advice I needed," Dr. Hansen said. "It was a great decision to go with Patterson."
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A Winning Strategy

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