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Mountain Revival
Finding Room To Grow
Handful of Smiles
Fun by Design
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Mountain Revival
William A. Howland, DMD, gives his rural Pennsylvania practice a new look and takes its existing technology to new heights when he partners with Patterson to expand the facility in a big way.
Finding Room to Grow
When Ed Hood, DDS, built a new office in 2002, he was equipped for growth. He just never expected so much growth that he’d be expanding 10 years later.
A Handful of Smiles
Stuart Ross, DDS, celebrates a long anticipated remodel of his Washington, D.C., practice that really gives him something to smile about.
Fun by Design
Michael J. Hilgers, DDS, MS, transformed an inoperative gas station into a fun and nostalgic Route 66-themed orthodontic practice that his patients love to visit.
Healthier Patients and Healthier Practices with CareCredit
With seamless integration into Eaglesoft 17, CareCredit can help more patients afford the care they desperately need.
When It Comes to a Lasting Career, Ergonomics Matters
Addressing the root causes of an aching back lifts more than the bottom line.