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The sterilization center is a big change for Pediatric Smiles. What was previously just a sterilization counter is now a fully functional sterilization center, the doctors said. Patterson Equipment Specialist John Weidenaar helped the doctors strike a compromise between what they dreamed of and what they budgeted for, and the results were noticeable immediately. "It's so easy to access. It's highly functional and very efficient," Wall said. "We're able to turn over our instruments quickly, and it's been a breath of fresh air working with that every day."



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Outside the front doors of the practice, a cheerful sea turtle greets patients. Named Tanya, after Wall, the turtle is a symbol of what Pediatric Smiles is all about: becoming a happy, colorful destination along Dunn Avenue. The results have been undeniable. "Our office has been our most effective marketing tool," Wall said. "When we did our marketing analysis, the building alone brought in the highest number of patients. People did not even know that we were on Dunn Avenue, even though we were there over six years. Now, there's no mistaking that Pediatric Smiles is here!"
While the practice has been effective at bringing in new patients, it's also ensured that their longtime patients still have access to the specialized pediatric dental care that Suggs had wanted to establish since dental school, and that's the most important part.
"We've had patients who've been with us since 2001, who've seen us grow from our 1,200-square-foot office to this huge office," Wall said. "They are just as happy as we are and they love the new office. They love everything. So do we." PT
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