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Going full time meant a new space for Pediatric Smiles would be needed. Looking back, the two doctors admit they didn't really know where to begin when it came to designing, constructing and furnishing a space. Enter Ginger Harris, the Patterson territory representative they started working with in 2001. "She has been absolutely invaluable," Wall said. "We didn't know anything. She was our designer, our project manager, our interior decorator, everything. If it was not for her, we really would have had a hard time even getting started. She has been a tremendous help from every aspect, and there's really nothing she will not do for us."



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In 2004, the practice would move again to a new location on Dunn Avenue to accommodate growth, and again Suggs and Wall credited Harris for being instrumental in the move. Pediatric Smiles stayed in that space, which was leased, for about eight years. In the meantime, Suggs and Wall also built an office on the south side of Jacksonville. Continued growth at the Dunn Avenue location made them want to do more.
"We wanted to build something that would add beauty to this area," Wall said. "Something that would make a statement and be a landmark building for Dunn Avenue. This area is so important to us, and we imagined a building that would add beauty and sophistication and truly be a community asset."
For the sake of their patients' convenience, the doctors knew they didn't want the practice to move very far. Little did they know, it would ultimately only be moving across the street. After a year-long search for the perfect location, they inquired about the vacant lot across the street from their current practice. Sure enough, it ended up being just right. "We needed a space big enough that we could potentially bring in specialties in the future," Wall said. "We were worried we would have to conform to building standards, but it really just sort of fell in our laps that the space was literally across the street."
The entire process of constructing the new office was exciting for the doctors, as it wasn't just moving into a new building on Dunn Avenue. This time they were building their own. Harris said she saw a special spark from the doctors as they moved closer to their dream office.
"This one was their baby," Harris said. "They had leased before, but this was going to be one they had forever. They wanted to do it right. From the very beginning, we knew this was going to be a complete joy."
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